Providing Mobility and Introducing New Possibilities.


The right products!
At the right time!
In the right quantity!
In the right quality!
With the right customer service!

Our Corporate Goals

The right products!

GERO provides mobility and introduces people to new possibilities.

We supply the automotive industry.
We supply the electrical engineering industry.
We supply the aerospace engineering industry.
We supply the construction and furniture hardware industry
We supply the equipment and machine engineering industry.

With the right employees!

GERO provides its employees with existential security and stability.

We provide a secure future and career prospects for our employees.
We trust our employees and give them responsibility.
We respect our employees and have regard for their private lives.

For the right market!

GERO pursues controlled and purposeful growth.
We provide our employees with both personal and financial growth.

GERO = The Right Knowledge · The Right Mindset · The Right Skills

GERO is equal to
the right knowledge multiplied by
the right mindset multiplied by
the right skills

GERO is the product of these three dimensions.

We invest in every dimension so that we can generate the highest possible
returns, both from a financial as well as a human perspective.

The right knowledge!

GERO has the right knowledge.

We make our knowledge available to our customers and our employees.
We continually double-check ourselves.
We encourage our employees to come up with ideas and take responsibility.
We are constantly evolving and we follow a plan.
We think and work in terms of the future.
We are experts.

The right mindset!

GERO has the right mindset.

We are bold.
We are tenacious and persistent.
We are strong-willed and motivated.
We are understanding and fair.
We are confident about ourselves.
We are prepared.

We have fun being together.
We enjoy success.

We provide good working conditions and a positive environment at every level.
We provide space for peace and quiet – because strength is born of peace and quiet.

We are GERO!

The right skills!

GERO has the right skills.

We are experts in our field and we are constantly evolving.
We have the right social skills and place value on how we interact with one another.
We know the right methods and think and work in terms of goals.
We understand interpersonal relations, we are dependable and loyal.


We know it is right to be honest: Even we disagree on occasion, but then we find a compromise.
We know we are right to be proud of our family-owned business that has the right family orientation.