Center for Excellence

Expertise is our Strength

You, too, can benefit from our know-how

This strength is consolidated in our CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE, which opened in 2008, by focusing on one clear goal: to professionally improve and intensify in-house training and continuing education. Here, well-honed know-how and state-of-the-art technology can be found under one roof.

The training rooms and equipment for our trainees and specialists are incorporated directly into process development. This is a department where precision turned parts for the future are created – prototypes that won’t be used for another few years, for example in new, environmentally-friendly technologies. At our CENTER FOR EXELLENCE, we bring together precision and the most accurate measurement technology available, combined with efficient automation technology, state-of-the-art quality management, and world-class expertise. Everything is always state of the art – that is our strength and our expertise. Expertise that our customers appreciate, further solidifying our position as a qualified manufacturer of precision turned parts in the field of systems manufacturing.