With state-of-the-art technology and well-honed know-how

At GERO GmbH, precision turned parts are made using CNC automatic lathes, cam-controlled multi-spindle machines, rotary transfer machines – in short, with state-of-the-art equipment – supported by the most up-to-date computer and systems technology. Production stages are quicker and more efficient thanks to partially automated processes, such as those employing robotic assistance.

To achieve the ideal interaction between “man and machine”, we have placed a great deal of trust in our employees. We trust their creativity, their independence, their ability to perform, and their focus on solutions – and this trust has paid off. We strengthen this trust even further through training programs and continuing education. We will continue to invest in man and machine, in technology, and in know-how.

Turning Ø4 – 42mm | Centerless Grinding | Deburring | Broaching | Milling | Surface Treatment and Finishing | Heat Treatment | Sand and Shot Blasting | Component Assembly

GERO Fertigung
GERO Fertigung