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Measured Against the Best

When what’s important is the measuring technology

At our company, every turned piece, every system is measured with utmost precision, not only with regard to fit but also for residual dirt, surface quality, form and positional tolerance, hardness, coating thickness, load-bearing contact area ratio, and the like. Whether this is done visually, using image processing, or by measuring weight or volume – the method depends on the dimension to be tested and measured – for us, just about anything is possible.

We won’t deliver until after we have confirmed that our parts have met the specifications – when there is not a single milligram extra residual dirt to be found and the dimensions are correct down to the micrometer. We deliver with clear consciences, secure in the knowledge that everything is exactly as the customer wanted it.

Fischerscope X-Ray
3D-Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine
Form 4004
Contour/roughness T 8000
Hommel Opticline Contour 305
Tesa 25
Profile 80
Waveline W 55
Viewer x3
Microscope with image processing
Reichel hardness testing
Coating measurement
Residual dirt determination
Image processing