Chances of Success

The Right Application and You’re Practically Hired

Everything that makes an application successful

Although a lot of factors are the same and a lot of expectations are identical, there are definitely differences from company to company – small but important differences – concerning the structure, content, and visual style of a set of application documents.
In order to increase your chances of success, we have listed here for you what we expect – for jobs as well as training positions – from both you and your application.

1. The basic requirements

Willingness to learn
Openness to new things
Willingness to work
Sense of responsibility
Team spirit

2. The application documents

A personalized, high-quality, tidy set of documents
Clear structure to the documents
Clean paper
Formal cover letter stating why you are applying for a job/training position with us
Detailed résumé in table form
Certificates of completion for internships and continuing education courses
Referrals from previous employers*
Current passport photo

*we are happy to receive copies

3. Personal appearance

Stylish clothing
Polite demeanor
Satisfactory German skills
Honest self-portrayal